​We're celebrating 50 Years as TigerScots!

In 1973, the Athena and Weston schools embarked on a trial merger of the junior high and high school systems, bringing two close rivals together. Grades seven, eight, and nine were taught in Weston, while grades ten, eleven, and twelve were taught in Athena. The merger resulted in the formation of the Weston-McEwen Tigers and Scots. This experimental merger was closely watched statewide, as it offered a potential solution to the financial challenges faced by other small schools. The positive attitude of the students played a significant role in the merger's success. Faculty found the transition smoother than anticipated, partly due to the students' cooperative approach. The collaboration between the parents and citizens of both towns was crucial to the merger's success. Students benefited from new additions such as a student lounge and a hot lunch program. The larger student population allowed for increased competition, individual activities, and club involvement. The merged school became one of the larger institutions in its league, presenting more opportunities for curriculum enhancement and student engagement.

With the beginning of the 23-24 school year, we want to highlight this milestone. The AWSD is proud of our 50 years of cooperation and growth. Thanks for being a part of our community!