Milestones Career Readiness

Stock PhotoNew “Milestones Career Readiness“ Project Protocol

Curriculum and opportunities have continued to evolve since Weston-McEwen High School implemented its current model for meeting Oregon’s Personalized Learning Diploma Requirements.  Updating the model allows students to work on the requirements and adjust their plans throughout their high school career.  Students will also be able to take advantage of the extra-curricular, community and school-based opportunities available to them and which they are likely already participating to meet the diploma requirements. 

Education Plan & Profile

Students develop a plan and profile to guide their leaning and document progress toward their personal, career, and post-high school goals.

Students, organized by class, will meet with their assigned advisor to complete career-related activities/tasks and track progress on their Education Plan & Profile. Attendance is mandatory.  Additional activities that contribute to a student’s profile may also be embedded in required courses. CIS will be used as an on-line tool and collection site for a student’s profile and they will be able to continue using this resource beyond their high school career. 

Career-Related Learning Experiences (CRLE)

Students participate in structured experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school relevant to their education plan. 

Students will plan, organize and participate in two (2) manageable Career-Related Learning Experiences over the course of their high school career (freshmen through senior years).  These experiences may take place in the workplace or as a special school or community project but all will require a minimum-level of commitment and provide opportunities for students to apply academic, career-related and technical knowledge and skills related to their career interests and post-high school goals.

Documentation and Reflections will be required.


Summer or school-year work experience

  • Babysat this summer? This will count as one (1) CRLExperience, with proper documentation/reflection

School projects through an extracurricular organization or club

  • Did you participate in the NHS Median Beautification project? This will count as one (1) CRLExperience with proper documentation/reflection

Course projects through courses offered @ WMHS

  • Did you create and implement a “Caterer For a Day” project in your Foods I course?  This will count as one (1) CRLExperience with proper documentation/reflection

Community Projects offered to benefit the towns or citizens of Athena, Weston or Adams

  • Did you organize and implement a “Backpack for Our Communities” program in Adams, providing backpacks for school-aged children filled with non-perishable food items and school supplies?  This will count as one (1) CRLExperience with proper documentation/reflection

Extended Application (EA)

Students apply and extend their knowledge in new and complex situations related to the student’s personal and/or career interests and post-high school goals through critical thinking, problem solving, or inquiry in real world contexts.   

There are existing and future courses offered at Weston-McEwen High School that already have or will provide embedded opportunities to meet the definition of extended application as provided above.  Students, therefore, who take these courses and complete the embedded EA requirements proficiently (a “C” grade or better) will automatically meet the diploma requirement.  Identified courses and EA expectations will be provided in the Fall of 2015

If you have taken a college course NOT offered as part of WMHS curriculum, and passed with a “C” grade or better, you have met the EA requirements. 

Additionally, certain courses @ WMHS, called CTE courses, count—beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, look in the catalogue to help you make a decision as to what kinds of courses you can take to meet the EA requirement

Whether you are taking a college course or a CTE course, you MUST earn a “C” grade or better for the course to qualify as meeting the EA requirement. 

Soon-to-be seniors: let’s look at your courses and see what you’ve already taken that counts.