Lunch Information


The breakfast/lunch program will begin on the first day of school, August 31, 2020.

Meal Prices

  • Athena Elementary School - Breakfast $1.55/Lunch $2.55
  • Weston Middle School - Breakfast $1.80/Lunch$2.80
  • Weston-McEwen High School - Breakfast $1.85/Lunch $3.05
  • Adults - Breakfast $1.85/Lunch $3.35
  • Milk $0.50

Free and Reduced Price Applications

Free and Reduced price meals are available.  Certain federal funding is allocated to our schools based on the number of free and reduced students, therefore please complete an application, even if your children do not plan to eat school meals.  You only need to fill out one application per household.  All information is confidential.

“Meal Time” Computerized Meal Counting and Cash System

  • All students, including free and reduced students are assigned a number that will access their account.
  • Deposits can be made in any amount.  Weekly or monthly payments are the most convenient.
  • Checks should be made payable to “Hot Lunch Fund”.
  • The computer can be set to transfer money between siblings if they are served from the same cafeteria.  It can’t be set to transfer money between siblings if one eats meals in Weston and one in Athena.
  • At meal times, students will use the Touch n Go Finger ID pad to access their account.  The price of the meal or milk is deducted from their account..
  • Low balance and charge slips will be sent home monthly.  Students may inquire about their balance at any time.
  • Account statements showing all deposits and purchases are available on request.