Hall of Fame Nominations

The Weston-McEwen High School Hall of Fame recognizes graduates, athletic teams, coaches, and faculty members of Athena High School, Weston High School, McEwen High School and Weston-McEwen High School who have achieved and demonstrated high levels of success in their post high school careers.

The criterion for the Hall of Fame Inductees are:

  1. Graduated from one of the above-mentioned high schools having attended at least 3 years, or
  2. Attended school in the district for at least 10 years; but graduated from another school.
  3. An employee who made a major and significant impact in the district and community during their tenure. The employee must have been in the district for a minimum of 10 years.

The individual/team should have excelled either while attending school or made a significant impact to our society following their attendance at school. The contribution could have been in sports, academics, music, art, business, philanthropic, etc.

Nomination forms for the Weston-McEwen Hall of Fame are available below or at the office at the high school. Nominations must be received by December 22, 2018. The Induction Ceremony will be held on January 25, 2019.