WMHS Access During Covid-19 Closure

Dear parents and students,


Thank you for your patience and understanding in the rapidly changing world we are currently living in. WMHS staff are working diligently to continue to give your students a great education under these limited conditions.


We have planned to continue student learning through the school closure. However it will look very different from the one families and students are used to. The teachers at WMHS are here to support you and your student as we adjust to distance learning. Please communicate with us via email or phone. WMHS office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-12pm.


Beginning April 13th, 2020 schools  will  implement Distance Learning for all as required by the Oregon Department of Education. This means all assigned classwork will be graded.


How will this be accomplished?


  1. Most WMHS students will engage in learning via google classroom or Acellus.  Fortunately our students are familiar with these methods of instruction.


  1. Some WMHS students may not have access to the internet. These students will receive work packets weekly from their teachers and may interact by phone as needed. Students will also be given a thumb drive to watch video links of instruction for the assignment when needed.  This is only for students without the internet.


  1. Those students who are enrolled in college classes must follow their prospective college requirement for the class. 


  1. In addition students will use Zoom to meet with teachers on a face to face basis. While this is a new program it is easily mastered. 


Students may check out chrome books if needed and get material from lockers on Mondday-Wednesday  8am-12pm.


 Below are some additional supports we are implementing to assist you during the school closure.


  1. A weekly phone call from a staff member to check on your needs.
  2. Teachers will be available between 8am-4pm Monday-Friday to answer emails and give instruction.
  3. Each week, teachers will call students who do not have internet access.
  4. Lunch and school supply pick up will be every Wednesday from noon to 6pm at the Athena Elementary for all students.
  5. For WMHS families WITH NO INTERNET: Paperwork and flash drive pickup will be at WMHS every Wednesday from 8am-12pm. If you are unable to pick up work, it will be delivered by school bus on Fridays.
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