Friday, 2/28/20

Good morning TigerScots!

It is Friday February 28th

Seniors we need 4 pictures for the slideshow (baby, elementary school, upper elementary or middle school, and senior picture). You can deliver to the high school in an envelope with your  name or email the images to: Pictures are due by March 1st. Thanks. 

Scholarships are being posted constantly to the Senior Graduation Google Acct.  You need to be checking it daily for deadlines and new scholarships. OSAC Scholarships are due Mar 1st.  Blue Mountain Foundation has scholarships out also.  Most of the LOCAL scholarships will be coming here in spring around April. You need to be checking the website out.  Your grades need to be kept up and any credit retrieval work or classes need to be finished ASAP

Seniors: The newspaper needs up-close photos of you for the graduation edition.  Please turn them in to the via email at by March 2nd.

EOU Stem day is on April 2nd.  Signups and information is in the office.  We need a list of students to determine transportation.  You will need to register online as well.  Sign up today!

Seniors:  We need a wallet sized portrait for the composite before Spring Break please!

Baseball, tracks, softball, tennis, and golf signups are in the office.

We are doing a fundraiser for Joseph Charter School with replacing items lost from the fire in their gymnasium.  We are collecting change a We will be running this from Feb 18-28th.  The class with the most change collected will enjoy an ice cream party donated by Athena Convenience.  That doesn’t appeal to you?  How does an hour long lunch sound?  Freshmen will even get to LEAVE CAMPUS!  Drop by your change today.

Science night is March 5th If you come by 4:30 you will get fed pizza. Science night runs from 5-7 pm.  Mrs. Q needs 20 volunteers.  She will sign off on Milestones for this.  Signups are in the office.

The new edition of the Two-Ply is out.  Read it as you visit the bathroom today!

Tennis Players - please stop by and pick up some information from Mr. Olson about the upcoming tennis season.  Thanks.

Tennis Practice will begin Monday March 2nd  at 3:30 in Mr. Olson's room. Please bring your racket and be dressed down and ready to go, Thanks

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