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We believe in respecting and caring about each individual.

We believe in pursuing intellectual, artistic, and athletic excellence.

We believe in fostering integrity, imagination, and moral responsibility.

We believe in high expectations for student achievement. We believe in life-long learning and our strong community partnership.

WMHS Pandemic Players

The social distancing requirement for blowing a musical instrument is 11-12 feet.  This cannot be done again until the pandemic ends.

In its place, I have designed a fleet of PVC pipe marimba instruments inspired by the "Blue Man Group."  "Pandemic Players" members will be issued an instrument like the one shown to take home during distance learning and we will learn together to play them.  Instruments can be taken apart for easy transportation.  When you return to school in your cohorts, we will play instruments like these in three different sizes that play ranges similar to your band instruments.

These instruments are laid out like a piano keyboard.  We will write all of the group music this year and produce some video performances that combine the cohorts into one group.

I hope that this extensive effort will encourage band members to remain involved in music during the 2020-21 school year.  We will return to regular WM band programming when the pandemic ends.  Mr. MacDistance learning band instruments

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WMHS Operational Blueprint 2020

Under ODE’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance, each school has been directed to submit a plan to the district in order to provide on-site and/or hybrid instruction. Districts must submit each school’s plan to the local school board and make the plans available to the public. This form is to be used to document a district’s, school’s or program’s plan to ensure students can return for the 2020-21 school year, in some form, in accordance with Executive Order 20-25(10).

Please view Weston-McEwen High School's operation blueprint here.


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